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Toddler Soccer Shorts

Shorts Name Colors Sizes Price
Adidas Girl's Elebase Short Black, Diva YXXS, YXS, YS (Pink), YM (Black) $18.00
Adidas Youth Entrada Short Cobalt (YM), Navy (YXXS, YXS, YL, YXL), Red (YXXS, YXS) YXXS, YXS, YS, YM, YL, YXL $12.00
Adidas Girl's Helios Short White, Black, Argentina Blue, Navy, Red, Cobalt, Diva YXXS (Black, Navy, Red), YXS (Diva, Argentina Blue, Black, Navy, Red), YS, YM, YL, YXL $18.00
Kids Lisbon Short Dark Green KL $17.95
Adidas Girl's Nova Short Navy/Argentina Blue YXXS, YXS $18.00
Adidas Girl's Nova 12 Short Black/White, Black/Diva, Diva/White, New Navy/Argentina Blue YXXS, YXS, YS, YM, YL $18.00
Adidas Girl's Squadra II Short Diva, Navy, Black, Argentina Blue YXXS (No Navy), YXS, YS, YM, YL, YXL $18.00
Adidas Youth Predator David Beckham 07 Short Navy/White YXXS, YXS, YS, YL $25.00
Adidas Youth Squadra 13 Short Black/Ray Green, Black/Infrared YXXS, YXS, YS, YM, YL $20.00
Adidas Youth Striker Short Black YXXS, YXS, YS $12.00
Adidas Youth Striker 13 Short Black, Bright Pink/White YXXS, YXS, YS, YM, YL $15.00
Adidas Youth Tiro 11 Short Maroon YXXS, YXS $18.00
Adidas Youth Trussi Short Black (YXL), Cobalt, Maroon (YXXS), Navy (YXXS, YXS, YS, YM, YL), Purple (YXXS, YXS, YXL), Red (YXXS, YXS, YS), White (YS, YM, YL, YXL), Orange (YXXS, YXL), Shunshine (YS, YL, YXL), Argentina Blue, Forest (YXS, YS) YXXS, YXS, YS, YM, YL, YXL $12.00
Champro Dri-Gear Soccer Shorts Black (YXXS, YXS), Pink (YXXS, YXS, YS, YM), Maroon (YXXS, YXS, YS, YM), Gold (YXXS, YXS, YS, YM), Purple, Orange (YXXS, YXS, YS, YM), Forest (YXS, YM) YXXS, YXS, YS, YM, YL $11.95
High 5 Metor Short Black YXS Reg. $12.95
Joma Real Soccer Shorts Black 4 $16.00
Nike Youth Classic Short Black, Royal YXS, YS, YM $22.00
Nike Youth Core Woven Short Red/White, White/Black YXS $18.00
Nike Girls' E4 Short Atomic Green/Rave Pink/Bordeaux YXS, YS, YM $22.00
Nike Youth Libretto Short Black YXS, YS, YM $22.00
Nike Youth National Short Black YXS, YS, YM $20.00
Nike Youth Tiempo Short Navy/White, Black/White, Royal/White, White, Pink YXS $15.00
Team Wear Kids Defender Checkered Short Royal, White, Navy, Black, Kelly, Dark Green, Gold, Orange, Purple, Red, Maroon, Pink KS, KM, KL $11.95
Vizari Youth Dynamo Short Black, Pink YXS (Ages 4-5) $12.95
Xara Youth Future Star Short Black YXXS (Ages 3-4) $12.95
Xara Youth League Short Black YXS (Size 4-5), YS (Size 6-8) $15.95
Vizari Youth League Short Black YXS (Ages 4-5) $12.95
Xara Soccer Crazy Girls Capri Pink Ages 2-3 $20.95
Xara Soccer Crazy Girls Short Pink Ages 4-5 $19.95

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